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Description of Services


Private sessions may utilize the reformer, tower, wunda chair and ladder barrel.  This highly individualized workout is tailored to your specific needs. We recommend Private appointments for clients who are rehabilitating from a recent injury or surgery, pregnant, or have limitations such as stenosis, osteoperosis, or joint replacements where they need to learn the best exercises for their body and what to avoid in order to work out on their own or in a group.


Much like the private sessions, duets are tailored to the needs of two clients who want to work out together. Studies have shown that those who exercise with a “buddy” have much better odds of achieving their goals. Duets are fun for friends or partners and a great way for mothers and daughters to spend time together.


Meet new people who love Pilates. Because there are no more than 5 clients per class, you will always receive individual attention. Classes may utilize the Reformer, Wunda Chair, or Tower, so the workout is always changing and never gets old. We require a Private or Duet session prior to signing up for a class.   


If you are not an established client, please contact the studio before purchasing a session

or package. The studio is currently only accepting new clients for afternoon or evening 


First time private session:

If you purchase a package of 5 or 10 privates the same day as your session,

your rate will match the price of one session in the package 

Private sessions
Single: $80
Package of 5: $75/session - $25 Savings
Package of 10: $70/session - $100 Savings

Duet Sessions (2 people)
Single: $100 ($50 per person)
Package of 5: $95/session - $25 Savings
Package of 10: $90/session - $100 Savings

Classes (up to 5 people)  previous experience required for classes
Pre-registration at beginning of month: $27/class 

Drop-in: $37/class

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Pricing and Packages

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We offer Private and Duet Appointments Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM.

Group Classes are scheduled throughout the week. 

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