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I followed the owner of this studio from San Francisco to Florida.  She is very talented and well versed in the muscles and joints used in many sports and provides a comprehensive workout to lengthen and strengthen your form and balance.  Allison can also recommend exercise for those who travel frequently, which I did while in SFO.  I am over 60 years old and a rower, and have benefited from her workouts that keep my core, legs, arms and back safe and strong. You will not be disappointed.

Linda S


Lakewood Ranch Pilates created a positive 1st time experience to doing pilates on a reformer. The studio is inviting. Allison is very knowledgeable in making sure you are doing everything correctly. I felt amazing afterwards.


Stacy R


This studio is beautiful! It is such a comfortable setting! The instructors were well trained and were very concerned about my comfort and safety.  I was asked many times how I was feeling during the workout or if the weight needed adjustment. The equipment was new, so the workout was top notch! I loved the challenge, if you are not familiar with Pilates, you must give this a try.  I felt fabulous the next day!! I am used to working out with weights, so this workout was a welcome change of pace.  The challenge to breathe and compose your body with the added table and weight was a welcome change!

Tracy K

Bridget Potorski

Pilates Instructor

​Bridget is originally from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. She moved to Bradenton, Florida in 2015.  She has been involved in the fitness industry for 20+ years and is certified through Peak Pilates comprehensive certification program as a Level-3 teacher. She is also a certified personal trainer and fitness counselor through the American Fitness Association of America.  She believes Pilates is the key to maintaining a more balanced body by way of several pieces of Pilates apparatus which challenge the whole body.

Throughout her life, Bridget has been an avid runner and cyclist participating in many local races and triathlons. Along with the love of this type of activity came tight muscles that lead to misalignments in her own body. Pilates rehabilitated her. “It made me stronger and more flexible then I ever was and am still able to run and cycle because Pilates became a part of my daily practice”.

Bridget’s goal is to help others through Pilates practice to increase their strength and to lengthen and balance their bodies so they can live life to the fullest!


Allison Gregory

Studio Owner

​Allison Gregory, owner of Lakewood Ranch Pilates, is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified instructor and expert in Pilates instruction. A student of the Pilates Method since 2002, Allison’s style combines classical techniques with contemporary and evolved modalities. She helps students attain a deeper awareness of movement and strength by using an integrated series of whole-body conditioning exercises, focusing on isometric and eccentric movement. Trained to assist a physical therapist, Allison is well-versed in applied anatomy and kinesiology and uses this knowledge to expertly guide individuals who may need rehabilitation from a recent injury or chronic condition. She has developed programs for expectant mothers and patients with vertebral disc dysfunction, hip and knee replacements, and osteoporosis. Her expertise focuses on creating mindful movement sequences to improve range of motion, muscle alignment and core strength.

Allison was first introduced to the benefits of Pilates in her former career as a technology professional. Countless hours spent seated in front of a computer took a toll on her body and she began taking Pilates to improve her posture and overall health. Deciding this was her passion, she enrolled in a Pilates Teacher Training program in San Francisco to become an instructor and has since worked with clients ages 14 - 90. She is always amazed by the benefits of the exercises and the results students of Pilates achieve. She subscribes to the idea that there is no “aging out” of Pilates; it is something one can incorporate into their wellness routine for life.

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What sets our studio apart from other exercise facilities is our ability to truly personalize every workout. We require every member to meet with an instructor one on one to identify any injuries or pre-exisiting conditions so that you will never be performing exercises that could harm your body.

Using proprietary technology, we are able to utilize this information so that anytime you workout at LWR Pilates your goals and safety are always considered, even if it is with a different instructor.