We focus on the individual first. Your injury history or pre-existing conditions determine the best exercises for your body and which ones to avoid. We meet with all of our clients one on one before they are able to join a group class. Our instructors complete a comprehensive, 400+ hours training program that includes injury rehabilitation, and we have a class limit of 5 people to insure you are getting the best workout possible. 

Combining classical Pilates techniques with a modern understanding of structural alignment, we help clients attain a deeper awareness of movement and increased strength by using an integrated series of whole-body conditioning exercises.

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Dedicated to empowering lives through mindful movement, Lakewood Ranch Pilates combines the power of machine-based instruction and holistic wellness to help you get strong, sculpted and centered. Delivering personalized instruction in a private or group setting, our Pilates teachers utilize the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel to physically challenge and re-balance your body.